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I was Cupbearer to the King

nec tamen consumebatur

9 October 1978
She's a Sydney girl who grew up desperate to return to the country.
An introvert with crafty-arty habits, and the lifetime mess of a clutterbug.
She loves traveling (when she can afford it) and goes through phases of being an obsessed book devourer.
Deeply in debt due to education, traveling and compulsive spending, she now controls this by being a tightwad and chopping up credit cards.
Kayfin is prone to quote movies, TV or books, and then expect people to understand the reference.
She's devoted to a text-based online RPG(Alala), and has met some wonderful people via the internet. And, probablility being what it is, some of the not-so-wonderful ones too.
She shares a living space with two young, but stand-offish, cats, one rescued Mini-Kitty three two one old diabetic dog and two parents.
She is not a model member of Generation Y-Space.
She belives that HTML is culturally biased.
She loves many things.
She hates MySpace.


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